Plain steamed crab meat is one of the healthiest foodsyou can eat. For a minimal amount of calories, you get lots of protein, amultitude of minerals and several B vitamins.

Lean and Low in Calories

Crab meat is incredibly low in calories, and almostall of the calories come from protein. Blue crab meat offers just 70 caloriesfrom a 3-ounce cooked portion. If you prefer Alaska king crab, the same amounthas around 80 calories, while a 3-ounce portion of Dungeness crab containsnearly 95 calories. Roughly 80 percent to 85 percent of those calories are fromprotein. The final percentage of calories are from fat and a small amount fromcarbohydrates. Avoid all that butter or cream sauce to keep your calories andfat to a minimum. Just 1 tablespoon of melted butter adds another 100 calories,almost all of which is from fat, particularly saturated fat.

6 Steps to How to Eat a Crab

1. Flip the cooked crabon its shell (the belly should be faced up). Get the knife, put it under the apron then liftthe apron and break it off and discard. Re-flip the crab again (theshell should be on top). Male crabs have a thin apron and female crab’s aprons are widerand rounder.


2.Lookfor a hole between the shell and the actual body of the crab.Hold thebody of the crab with your left hand and stick your rightthumb in the hole and lift it up so the shell comes off, discard theshell.

3. Useyour fingers or knife to clean the gills on either side of the crab. (thegills are NOT edible, so discard them) The yellow/green/brown/orange coloredsubstance is the fat, heart, lungs, and eggs of the crab, which are edible.

4.Usethe knife and break the crab in half. Then break theclaw off to save for eating later.

5. Chooseone side of the crab and take your knife to cut it in half again (lengthwise)through the center of each half, from there you pick out all the meat with yourfingers. You repeat on the other half of the crab.

6. Eat the claw! Put the claw on the table with the pincers facing up. Place the knifejust behind the joint and get the mallet and hit the knife gently so the shellwill crack (do it on the other side of the claw as well). Then, pull the shelloff and the meat should come out whole. If this doesn’twork, use your knife and dig the meat out.